Recap WordCamp Europe 2020 Online

My recap on WordCamp Europe 2020 online. Strange times, strange feelings, but happy to have had a virtual WordCamp.

It’s a wrap. I attended the first WordCamp Europe online these last three days from my home in Ypres, Belgium. It’s obvious that the WordCamp couldn’t take place psychically, but it will be in Porto in 2021. I’m all set to attend next year. ????

Going back to this edition, I would love to thank all organizers and volunteers for the countless hours they invested in organizing this online event. Since I became a WordCamp organizer for WordCamp Antwerp, which was canceled in March, I know by heart that this is a very big task. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was very hyped to visit Portugal for the first time and attend my 4th WordCamp Europe. Since I’ve heard about them going online, I was looking forward to meeting a lot of existing friends and meet new ones despite the current pandemic.

However, I have mixed feelings. Having seen a lot of familiar faces on my digital screens, it doesn’t feel the same way as being there in person. I miss real human contact after being home for 3 months already.

That being said, don’t get me wrong. I did have a great time. Thanks again to everyone involved! See you in Porto next year!


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